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    Last Minute Cancellation

    Didn’t collect downpayment or full payment? With no upfront payment and deposit, you risk leaving your property empty during peak season! Go for the booking that pays upfront.

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    The first thing you need in online business is a way to close the sales! Without booking system, your potential customers bypass your offer due to lack of booking confirmation. Get a website and start selling with booking system.

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    Reduce cut-throat commissions by established players eating into your margins – AGOxx,, EXPEDxx

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    Merchant Fees payable to Banks for credit card payment – again less profit for you

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    What? 30k? That’s more than 100% of my monthly turnover

Why Softinn?

$200,000 transaction in 6 months after product launch can’t be wrong. Most of our existing customers choose us because of

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    Confirm booking

    Confirm booking as compare to because Softinn will ensure full payment upfront. (no last minute cancellation)

  • Lower commission

    Lower commission as compare to because we are taking only 12% commission and yet we absorb merchant transaction cost (as compare to minimum 17% that taken by Higher margins and higher profits for you!

  • Direct Bookings

    Direct bookings on your own website and better customer experience. (survey shows availability of direct booking and payment on your website greatly enhances your image and trust by potential clients, and thus help you to close sales)

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    Less reliance on OTA marketplaces

    Less reliance on Agxxa marketplace because we have our own marketplaces. (why swim with the big sharks when it is too crowded and you end up getting “LOST” at bottom page 19 of 21)

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    Marketing tools

    Marketing tools to help your hotel standouts and to increase sales. Softinn provides tools like Facebook widget, Promotion widget, QR code generator etc to assist your marketing efforts. (our system is built in mind to be embedded to your current sales and promotions channels easily)

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    Accept Online Bookings

    Over 60% of page visitors to your website are there to check availability, promotions and subsequently make a booking.

  • Sell Everywhere

    Easily install on your website (be it self host website, blogspot, wordpress, facebook etc). Go mobile, iPhone, iPad compatible. Get mobile booking from customers.

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    Run Promotions

    Fill up room faster by running early bird promotions and seasonal pricing. Or increase profit by add surcharge to super peak season.

  • Manage Multiple Properties

    Easily switch between properties. No additional cost incurred on number of property  and rooms.

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    Manage Room Rates

    Full control of your room rates (peak, shoulder and normal season) and set the pricing you wanted down to specific date.

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    Auto Billing

    Accept credit card online and automate invoices, receipts, emails.

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    Manage Room Availability

    Control when and how your rooms are booked, manage your room allotments. Open and close room anytime anywhere.

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  • Zero Startup Cost

    No setup fees required.

  • No Monthly Commitments

    No fixed monthly fees. Don’t overpay your booking system.

  • Pay As You Go

    Pay only upon confirmed booking

  • No Other Hidden Charges

    No hidden cost like user license, No limit in number of users and No limit in number of room & properties.



  • Flexibility

    Our cloud based system is designed so you could manage your hotel inventories, check reservations, and manage bookings all online via internet browser (which means your Ipads, Iphones, Android devices, Laptops, Desktops or any other mobile devices will be sufficient) Now sit back, relax and run your hotel professionally ANYWHERE like a real-boss.

  • Facebook booking option

    Who doesn’t have a FACEBOOK account these days? You’ve had your Visitors/Followings/Likes on your FACEBOOK account. So what’s next? At Softinn, we could ENABLE direct booking/payment system installed straight into your FACEBOOK page Stop letting your potential customers walk away. FIX the ‘LEAKING’ today!

  • Multiple property access

    Rooms over-booked? Still keeping to your old handwritten hotel log books? Too costly to hire personnel just to keep check of reservation and booking? Multiply it by different hotels/properties owned and the COSTS add up. Let our cloud based system work for you. Manage it all in just ONE webpage and ONE login. Best part is, the system works tirelessly 24 x 7 and it doesn’t ask for OverTime pay and doesn’t call in sick.

  • Increase Visitors and Publicity

    Have you rank on Search determines the amount of traffic to your website. Just imagine this. Would you rather have your shop/business located at the busy main street or hidden somewhere at the quiet back-alley? At Softinn, we engage search engine optimization (SEO) to help you climb up the Google rank, and therefore drive more traffic and in turn increase your visibility online to reach your targeted audience. One end goel, DRIVE UP THE SALES!

  • Increase Genuine Booking

    Hotel owners’ worst nightmare – Reservation made but no guarantee to show up. Online Bank Transfer too cumbersome and often times customers find it less secured. At Softinn, LOCK DOWN your customers with upfront paid booking via our integrated payment system (credit card, debit cards and PayPal-friendly)

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