Hotel Chain uses us to Enable
Centralized Management

Reduce Expenditure by Sharing Resources & Maximize Return by Group Branding

Level up Brand Branch autonomy Increase direct bookings Connect with OTAs
Level up Brand
Level up Brand

Level Up Your Hotel Brand with CMS Website

Branding helps to build loyalty. It is essential to have an official website that tells your stories and brand. We develop an effective, SEO-optimized, and good looking website that convert lookers into bookers.

Branch Autonomy
Branch Autonomy

PMS for Central Governance & Branch Autonomy

Enable the hotel branches to operate independently whilst the HQ remained in the loop. Be in control by managing user access and roles. Train your staffs remotely. Comprehensive reporting. Accounting software friendly.

Increase direct bookings
Increase direct bookings

Increase Direct Bookings with Booking Engine

Why paying 17% booking commissions when you can take bookings on your official website, and Facebook Fan Page. Encourage direct bookings by advertising special offers through a zero-commission booking engine.

Connect with OTAs
Connect with OTAs

Connect with 90+ OTAs with Channel Manager

Get your properties listed on popular OTAs and increase exposure. Sell the rooms at maximum inventory and sync the allotment, prices, and reservations with Channel Manager.

Our Product Perks

Data-driven decisions

Make Data-driven Decisions

Track hotels performance - which hotel franchise achieves their sales target, how much revenue generated, which booking channels perform the best, who-did-what-at-when, how long it takes for the housekeeper to get the room ready, and many more.

Pre-arrival Web Check-in

Group Booking & Pre-Arrival Web Check-in

Record an advance deposit for unconfirmed check-in date group bookings. Create group reservation and check in the hotel guest with a few clicks.

Offer an airport like pre-arrival web check-in experience to your hotel guests by asking the tour guide to perform pre-arrival check-in.

Integrated solutions

Hotel Automations & Integrations

A growing list of integrated solutions - channel manager, OTA, payment gateways, hotel door lock system, credit card terminal...

More than 1,278 hotels in the Asia Pacific use Softinn

  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Alun Retreat Pulau Pangkor
  • Embun Luxury Villa
  • GM Hotel
  • MUO Boutique Hotel
  • Barokah Hill Resort
  • Sandalwood Hotel
  • Ming Garden
  • Raia Hotel
  • Zecon Hotel
  • Sugeh Hill Resort
  • Quayside Hotel
  • DnF Hotel Seremban
  • Felda Residence Resort and Hotels
  • FHStay Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Glamping Alam Warison Resort
  • Hotel 7 Suria Kota Kinabalu
  • Le-Shore Hotel Selangor
  • Hotel Sixty3 Sabah
  • Hulu Tamu Eco Resort
  • Kaizen Hotel Melaka
  • Maryami Sufi Resort
  • Monocolo Boutique Hotel
  • Pangkor Bus Container Resort
  • Orchard Wellness Resort
  • Treasure and Suite Hotel Melaka
  • T-Villa Phuket
  • Zaques Hotel

Trusted by over 1,278 hotels & resorts in Asia Pacific

Countries of hotels using Softinn

NOT an Ordinary Cloud Solution

What if I lost my internet connection?
How a cloud PMS issue room key?
What if I lost my internet connection?

Fret not! You may still issue room keys and check in your guests using our Hotel App. No internet required.

How to grow my sales?

Run marketing campaigns using our promotion code system. Segmentize your guests using data collected in your PMS.

Any training provided?

Onboard and train new staff within a day with a self-paced video guide. 200+ video guides available and still growing. OR book your slot to join the free monthly group training offered by Softinn.

How a cloud PMS integrate with hardware?

Our Hotel App works as a client between your hardware (e.g. hotel door lock, credit card terminal, MyKad reader, passport reader etc.) and the cloud system.

Any maintenance fee?

There's no additional maintenance fee. You get the product, software updates, and monthly training. All-inclusive in the monthly subscription.

Why Softinn?

Because we offer "try before you buy" program.
Don't trust what others said; try it!

What if I lost my internet connection?
How to grow my sales?
Any training provided?
How a cloud PMS integrate with hardware?
Any maintenance fee?
Why Softinn?

Google Free Booking Link

Get direct bookings from Google Maps, Google Travel, and Google Hotel to increase your hotel's revenue. Our clients get 10x of direct bookings after enrolling into this program.

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